5 Tips For A Successful Podcast

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Podcasts

5 Tips for a Successful Podcast

With so many podcasts to choose from, how do you get listeners to choose you?

Keep reading to read Dave Pratt’s 5 tips to engage listeners and create a binge-worthy podcast!

1. Book Great Guests

Reach out to professionals in your industry or episode topics to bring them on your podcast! Relationships are key in every career, but with podcasting this is very important.

This diversifies your content, engages listeners and builds credibility with your current and potential audience.

One bonus of working with Star Worldwide Networks is your access to hundreds of podcasters, video show hosts, business partners and agency clients!

Don’t miss out on bringing us in to support you.

2. Increase Listeners

This is arguably the most difficult thing to do when starting a new podcast. How do you find your audience and grow it?

You need to be discoverable and cerate content worth sharing. Get your pro segments shared on the right platforms for your listeners to hear / see and encourage them to share with their friends!

Going to a pro podcast producer is a great way to do this. No stress, no trial and error, no hassle.

AND get your show listed on the worlds largest platforms!

Podcast Channels

3. Produce Like A Pro

 No one wants to listen to poor audio or watch blurry video. Start out with a technical and broadcast pro!

State of the art sound and video equipment is at your disposal with our network and agency. No need to worry about quality with us!

4. Encourage Engagement

 Getting your audience engaged is a great way to build listener loyalty.

Build in segments to get your audience invested in your show.

Ask them questions, encourage commenting and sharing, take fan phone calls, or even bring in a live audience!

There is no limit…

5. Monetize Your Show

Build your show so that you are ready for sponsorships from the start.

Once you’ve grown your audience, businesses will be interested in advertising to your fans. 

You can use a screen overlay for a video podcast, build in 30-second ads or have product features on your show!

Podcast Tips

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