Public Relations

“Some are born great, some acheive greatness, and some hire a great public relations officer”
– Daniel J. Boorstin

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Why Should You Hire A PR Agency?

You can set the aame tone, & the right tone, for all communications.

Leverage personal and business media relationships.

You can amplify your brand
message and story.

You can use PR as a mass
marketing strategy.

Small businesses and 
midsize companies can punch
above their weight.

Be prepared for a PR crisis

You can create greater brand awareness and credibility.

Gain an outside perspective on
your business.

You have partners to assist you and your company in growth.

What Types of PR Are There?

This is media that you pay for which includes placement in magazines, television ads, Google ads, etc. and is our job to make sure credit is given and promoted for every ad dollar spent.

These are the channels that we, ourselves, own and operate. Owned media is any online property owned by a brand including blogs, socials, websites, and in your case, an entire network! 

This is the toughest kind of PR, but often viewed as the most valuable and credible due to third-party endorsement. Earned media is any media that objective reporters write about or report on in a favorable light. A good example of this is when a company makes a large charity donation, wins an award, invents a new technology, or celebrates a success.

The fourth prong of our public relations services is ORM, which serves to scrub and battle negative reviews and articles. This is a tedious and difficult undertaking, but is crucial for a business in today’s culture.

Why Hire Us?

Star Worldwide Networks is the advantageous selection for your PR needs with our media personalities who represent a combined 200+ years of experience in radio, television, print and media.

Your company would also be backed by three Broadcast Hall of Fame personalities to provide you with more leverage with local and national media.

The “PR” in “PRatt” isn’t a coincidence!