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Record your own audiobook or work with one of our professional voice actors to record it for you! Star Worldwide Networks offers beautiful studios, state of the art audio quality and professional direction for every level of the audiobook production experience from start to completion.

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Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman

New York Times Bestselling Author

Check out Christy recording her audiobook in our Scottsdale studio!

Our Audiobook Service

It’s important to have a high-quality audiobook production because listeners will be able to easily follow along and fully immerse themselves in the story.

Professional narration and sound effects can really enhance the listening experience and make it more enjoyable for the audience.

Additionally, having your audiobook formatted and produced to meet the required specifications for distribution platforms like Amazon will ensure that it is easy for listeners to access and purchase.

Overall, investing in professional audiobook production can help make your book more successful and reach a wider audience.


What is the recording process like?

In order to create a high-quality audiobook, it is important to invest time and effort into the recording and editing process.

It takes roughly 2 hours of narration to produce one finished hour of audio, and an additional 4 hours of editing to polish the final product.

Adding music and other sound effects can further enhance the listening experience and make the audiobook more engaging.

Quality control checks are also crucial to ensure that the finished product meets the highest standards of excellence.

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